European Snacks in Carrefour – By Yasu

Hiro and I went to Starbucks today as usual. Recently he came to like to go there too. He does his homework or studies English, German or Educational Psychology which is his major. Today he was studying English so sometimes he asked me for a help. I helped him well although what he was learning is very high-level I felt. He goes to Kobe University, a very well-known school in Japan.

I was working on my translation job as usual. It is almost done. I finished a chapter so changed what I do, I read a Japanese version of “From Coach to Awakener” by Robert Dilts, a world known NLP developer. It is a fun read.

Chocolate from Europe at Carrefour

After that, I went to take a picture of European snacks upstairs. I had little time because I had to go to Osaka, so I took one picture. Louana gave this snack before so when I found it, I remembered it right away. I think there are more snacks from overseas especially from Europe in Carrefour. I want to come here when Louana comes to Japan. She will be excited then.

Another thing I had fun with is my Starbucks cup. On Starbucks Press, they say if you bring your own Starbucks cup, you get 20 yen discount. So today I brought my Starbucks cup which I bought in Shanghai then asked them if they do that. Yeah they do it, so I got Tall Double Mocha Macchiato for 410 yen. The store man has not seen the cup I had so he asked me at which Starbucks I bought it. I told him in Shanghai, he looked he liked the cup. I will show you how it looks here. So now it is proven that what Starbucks Press said is true. I will bring this cup next time too.

A Starbucks Cup I bought in Shanghai 4 Years Ago

Comment by Louana: Haha do you know me? Yeah you are right I will get excited when I see the Western products in the supermarket! The Droste chocolate made me excited already because it is not just from Europe, it is really Dutch!! 20 yen discount yeah I know you like that :)! xx


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