Louana has received a red iPod – By Yasu

Well, I was busy today and yesterday so I didn’t have time to write a blog but a great thing was happened yesterday. I secretly have ordered red iPod for Louana with Gyano’s help. And it was successfully shipped to her place yesterday! She was so happy about it that took a picture of it and wrote about it on her blog. It was kind of hard because if you want to buy an iPod you have to buy at your country’s Apple Store. She lives in the Netherlands so I had to check Apple store in the Netherlands. Everything is written in Dutch that is why I asked Gyano for help. When I bought a webcam for her, he helped me too. Yes I have to learn Dutch to be able to do this kind of thing by myself.

Thanks to Gyano, I made an order. When we were doing that, Louana talked to me but I asked her to wait a bit. That is a hard point of making a surprise. The person you are going to surprise doesn’t know it. Gyano and I tried not to be known by the surprisee.

On this red iPod you can inscribe two lines each has maximum 23 characters. So it will be your original one in the world. One more cool thing is that some of the money you pay for it is going to be in donation. This makes me feel I am a good person.

I was browsing website of Apple store which looks neat and cool. Then I remembered what Steven Jobs said to graduating students at graduation ceremony of a university in America. “Stay hungry, stay foolish”. I like this word. I found it when I was making a speech sheet for my graduation ceremony from Kwansei Gakuin Univ. People liked that word too.

Anyway, giving a great present to who I love makes me proud of myself more. I would like to give her even a better gift some day soon.

Comment by Sue: It is my fist visit to your blog, and I am so impressed with how you treat your girlfriend. I just had a glimpse at Louana’s blog and found out how excited she is about moving to Japan. You guys are one of the loveliest couple I have known and wish you happily ever after. Cheers, Sue XXX

Comment by Louana: Your pictures aren’t shown on your blog, perhaps you need to upload them again? Yeah you are right, Louana was very very happy! And still is! You are really spoiling me :). You are too sweet. I love you! xx

Reply by Yasu: Thanks for the comment Sue. I am happy to hear that. I visited your site too. Yes I can understand what you say there,,, just kidding. I wish I read Thai. Jane, Yasu


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