Yasu is spoiling me :)

Doorbell rings, I open the door and there is a UPS lady asking me to sign for a package, again. Hmm weird, would this be the Policy Manual I was expecting from AEON? But they use FedEx, not UPS and the regular mailman just brought in a big envelope from AEON which probably contains the anticipated manual. Did I order anything recently? But I am broke, for sure I did not order anything. My name is really on it, the package came here from Venray (some Dutch city), but I don’t know anyone or anything there?
Totally puzzled I walk to the kitchen to get a knife and open the package with the unknown content. I cut through the sticky tape and I guess my mind settled on expecting an AEON manual, although it made no sense. I open the package and total shock: a new red 8GB iPod Nano is looking back at me! I was seriously shocked at the discovery of the exact iPod I had desired for quite a while now, but had been unable to afford. I had been cold all day, but now my entire body felt hot from mere astonishment. Why is it here? How is this possible?
Did Yasu send me this? Why would Yasu send me this? Our 3-year anniversary is not until the end of April and Valentine’s Day is weeks away. But who else could have send me this? My mother was right there with me when I opened it, and was as surprised as me. Could it be from Yasu? Yeah, it should be from Yasu? Is he crazy? Why did he send me such an expensive gift? Did he really? I carefully take the iPod from it’s box and check the inscription on the back: “I love you so much. To Louana from Yasu.” Ow wow, it really is from Yasu! I was totally speechless! What an awesome gift with no apparent reason… I did not know what to say. Last week he sent me a daily planner (another great gift I love), but now he is totally spoiling me :)!

Check out the sweet inscription

Later he told me that he decided to give me an iPod because he wanted to make me feel happy! And also he felt a bit bad for having to dissapoint me for not being around on my birthday, and now he wanted to make me happy and do it in a way he was very sure it would not turn out to be a dissapointment. Well, he certainly succeeded! What a wonderful boyfriend do I have?! I am not a material person at all, but I know how careful Yasu is about spending his money, and for him to splurge on a iPod to make me happy really shows me how important I am to him. I love him so much.


3 thoughts on “Yasu is spoiling me :)

  1. I am so happy you liked it and appreciated that much :) Knowing how you received it in today’s blog intensifies my happiness even more! I love you so much, kisses


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