Supermarket , What A Fun Place! – By Yasu

This is Qanat, 5-minute walk from my house.

Today was a great day, I worked very well on my translation and writing job. From morning to lunch time, I worked very hard on translation job with a cup of coffee and jazz music. Today I listened to Herbie Hancock. You know, people need something the same and something different most of the times. I need some changes to keep my motivation that is why I go to Starbucks, change the music I listen to or etc.

Lunch time came, I had to go buy some food at a supermarket nearby my house. The supermarket is called Qanat, relatively new I like shopping there. I bought some materials for Udon, a box of Sushi (Salad-Maki) and Chirashi-Zushi. They are not expensive but the taste is awesome. My sister who had been away from Japan for 10 months tells me how great Japanese foods are, so that makes me more convinced on that.

Recently I like to shop at a supermarket. It is a fun place isn’t it? I don’t drink nor smoke, but I like snacks. There are many kinds of snacks and even if I buy lots of them, the cost won’t be that high.

And it is the best place to find a souvenir to foreign friends. Last time I visited Louana, I bought lots of souvenirs there. Of course I bought expensive snack boxes but the rest are not. What is important is she and people in the Netherlands really liked them :). So it worked well.

My meeting with Mr. Yamasaki was cancelled today so I had time. I went to Starbucks with my sister. I like it a lot.

After 2 hours of translating there, we went to shops upstairs. There are DVD store, CD store, bookstore, clothes shop and supermarket. We looked for a DVD which Hiromasa will like because his birthday is 16th Jan. We didn’t find it there but that gave us a great hint and now we already ordered a DVD for him. That is about a high school teacher, a real story, very touching.

Supermarket in Carrefour is nice because there are many things imported mainly from Europe. Sometimes I find stuff I found in the Netherlands. I should take pictures of them.

Comment by Louana: You know those snackboxes were awesome! Guido and Lia (and me) loved them, this week the second box was opened and finished up! Yeah they could not get enough of it! Unfortunately it is all gone, but it gives me a good idea what to bring for them from Japan, when I go to visit them at home. Yes make some pictures of the Dutch food you find! And make some pictures of the inside of the supermarket, that’ll be fun to see! xx


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