Louana has received a present – By Yasu

This is where I bought it.

Jippie! She has received my present yesterday and I found out that she really likes it. I gave her a schedulebook that is pink and has a zipper so you can file things there. I bought it at Carrefour after enjoying my study at Starbucks. It took me a little of courage to go in a girly store and be there more than 30 minutes to think about what would be the best one to give her. She likes Japanese small cute things so I thought a schedulebook would do well. What is good about a schedulebook is that she can take that with her when she comes here so I can see her using it. That will be heart-warming to me. One more good about it is that it is so small that it wouldn’t bother her taking a lot of stuff with her from Europe to Japan.

It was not so difficult to find a nice store that sells cute schedulebook. I went in and stood in notebook section. There were couple of kinds of schedulebooks but what I wanted is the one with English. I checked one by one and came to three choices.

A large one, one with a cute painting on the cover and a small one. Louana likes pink so a large one is out because there is not any pink large one. Ok, which will be better this painting one or small one?

Next I thought about the functions. The painting one, yeah it is well-made but it doesn’t have anything great functionally. On the other hand, a small one has a train map of Tokyo, Nagoya and Osaka etc , plus it has a zipper so you can put memos or pictures there. I chose a small pink one.

While looking for this, I saw many schedulebooks. Some of them were so girly. It might be just my imagination, but when I took and saw inside of a very very girly schedulebook, a person nearby looked at me with a little surprise. I didn’t see her clearly but she was in my sight.

But a schedulebook is not all I gave her. I also bought a cute card in order to give her a message. Yes this took me even more courage but it was done lot quick.

It was January 3rd or 4th I don’t remember but soon after that day, 5th, I had to go to Osaka to work on our NLP project. Nearby Osaka Station, there is a big post office called “Osaka Chuo Yubinkyoku”. I am not sure their official English name but it will be something like Osaka Central Post Office I guess. I went there and sent my present to the Netherlands. This time I sent it to her working place, EXPO Eindhoven. Why? Because she likes surprises and I thought she would be more surprised at that. And I knew EXPO’s address because at the last Christmas I wanted to ship a webcam through Amazon Japan or America or England or Germany. Firstly I put her address but they said they didn’t send things to that area. So I asked her mother, Lia to tell me other addresses that Louana is close. She gave me an address of EXPO and her sister, Chantal’s place. Both of these addresses didn’t work but then I thought I should send something to this address someday, that will be more surprise to her.

Anyway she likes the present itself a loooooooooooooot! I am so happy about it. But next time she wants it to be where she lives. Sure I will.

Why did I give her a present then? It is because 11th January is the day we first met and I thought she was a rude b***h. I didn’t expect we would be like how we are now, she neither. Life is an adventure huh?

Comment by Louana: Oooooowwwww that is why! I am sorry I had no idea the occasion of the present was the day that we met in Emory! Yeah now the rude b remark in the postcard makes sense! Well you are right I really do love the planner! It’s exactly right in every way! Thank you sooo much! Totemo aishiteru! xx


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