Inuyama 犬山

So I found this map on Joanne’s (the other foreign teacher at AEON Inuyama) blog today and decided to steal it from her blog :o. Sorry Jo, I hope you don’t mind :)! I like this map because Inuyama is marked on it with a big yellow star, so now everybody can stop wondering about where the heck Inuyama is. As you can see it is located in Chubu and pretty close to Nagoya, Japan’s fourth city. I heard the train takes about 30 minutes to get to Nagoya from Inuyama. Unfortunately it takes a lot longer to Yasu’s hometown Amagasaki, which is near Osaka in Kansai.

Inuyama in Japan

Inuyama has an estimated population of 73,247 and the city lies along the edge of Aichi Prefecture, separated from neighboring Gifu Prefecture by the Kiso River. There are a number of famous attractions in and around the city. The most famous attraction is Inuyama castle on a 40m rise overlooking the Kiso river. The Kiso river also has some very picturesque rapids upstream of the castle. These rapids and the rock formations are called the Nihon Rhine after the Rhine river in Germany, and boat tours are available. Cormorant fishing on the Kiso river is also done, although nowadays almost exclusively for tourists. Other things to do during free time: visiting the Urakuen tea garden used for tea ceremonies, or an anthropological open-air museum/amusement park called Little World Museum of Man, containing a large number of buildings built according to the native style of over 22 countries. Another amusement park is the Japan Monkey park, with different species of monkeys and other entertainment.

Check out all the fun things to do in my new hometown (click the pic for more info)

Almost sounds like I have already been there with all this info on Inuyama. My recruiter provided me with loads of information and I stole the rest from Wikipedia. Also Joanne told me a little about my future apartment: it is in very good condition, with a nice and wide kitchen, a nice balcony and perhaps even a couch (very unusual for Japan). The location is very convenient too, only about 5-10 minutes walk from school, close to the video rental store, the 100 Yen Store, the convenience store, the karaoke room, the Internet cafe, and the supermarket. Sounds good!

One thought on “Inuyama 犬山

  1. I like these maps! And your apartment sounds cool. It sounds it will be much better than SPICE House. And there are a lot to enjoy around it. mwah


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