My future AEON coworker bumped into me, online

Guess who found my blog today? My future coworker at the AEON school in Inuyama! This is the comment she left on my blog:

Hey .. Lou? Ok this is going to sound a little weird, but I was doing a search for another blog, and found yours by mistake, and I’m the other foreign teacher at Aeon Inuyama!!! If you want to get in touch, which would be fun please do. Otherwise I guess I’ll see you in May!

Naturally, I was very excited when I found her comment on my blog! I knew that she was going to be the other foreign teacher at the school, because the recruiter in NYC talked about an Irish girl and I found her picture on the website of the school. I did not have a way of contacting her yet, so all I could do is wait until I got to Japan. But luckily she stumbled across my blog today :)!


She is going to be at the Inuyama school at least until July, so she’ll be able to show me the ropes once I arrive in Japan. It’s fun that we can already get to know eachother now! Her American boyfriend also teaches for AEON in another city, and he lives about 40-60 minutes away by train. Indeed, much closer than Amagasaki (where Yasu lives) which is more than 3 hours away by train. Oh well, it always better than more than 12 hours away by plane!

My mind is constantly overflowing with questions about what to expect in Japan, and now there is someone I can ask those questions to and who has an excellent ability of answering them! She has already given me loads of interesting information and I can’t wait to ask her even more questions!


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