French Fries at Ministop – By Yasu

I took this picture while walking. Can you see X?

Because of this blog, I now have a habit of taking at least one picture a day. It is not hard to do if you have a cellphone in Japan. Yesterday I was very busy with publishing work so couldn’t write blog but took a picture. That happened at around 11 pm, on my way home from Mr. Yamasaki’s office at Shin Osaka. I was very tired and hungry from long work I wanted to eat something quick. Then I saw a big ad of French Fries at Ministop, called “X Fried Potato”. This got my attention, I went in and ordered it. The store lady told me it takes for 3 minutes, I was ok with it. After a couple of minutes, I had one for 189 yen, not a bad price. So while walking to Shin Osaka station, I took a picture of it.

And today I took a picture of a drivers’ range where I take golf lessons. But day after tomorrow I am going to take a lesson again so I chose to put a picture of French Fries here.

Why is it called “X Fried Potato”? I think it is because it is shaped “X”, instead of square. By making it X-shaped, it is thinner and crispier. I enjoyed it.

What I do in this publishing thing is mainly making charts or pictures that describe the previous pages. Now we are almost finishing, the deadline is this week, Mr. Yamasaki said. In some parts, I also wrote. Writing helps me understand more about NLP. That organizes my thoughts.

While working on this publishing thing, I thought I really needed real experience of NLP or personal changes. I have read a lot and know a lot, but have not really applied in my daily life. I think true knowledge will come from my own experience. So now I should apply what I have learned in my daily life and create some results.

What I am interested in now is to stop my bad habit, biting my fingernails. How am I going to solve this? By associating it with some identity that I hate? By finding alternatives? Well, I’ll find a way.

When thinking about “what works”, I remembered one of my professors said in his class. “Get the evidence, not opinions”. There are many opinions. Dr. Tom says A. Dr. Bob says B. Professor Tim says C. But I should find out what works to me. Maybe this is what Dr. Phil says “Get Real”.

Comment by Louana: Nice fries! Give me some! So you make the images and Mr. Yama does the words? By the way, when Dr. Phil says “Get real!” he means you need to own responsibility for the reality you are in. I wish you good luck with extinguishing your nail-biting habit! xx

Reply by Yasu: Yeah we should have it when you are here. Mostly yes, I do the images, he does the words. But sometimes I also write which is I like better than the images. Oh I see, he meant to own responsibility for the reality you are in. Interesting. Dank u wel!
Yeah I’ll work on my bad habit. mwah


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