P.S.V. and a boyfriend-lacking-birthday

Last time Yasu was here, he really wanted to see a soccer game, because it is such a popular sport here and he likes to see live matches. When we wanted to see a baseball game in Atlanta, we just went there the day of the game and bought a ticket at the ticket booth. Unfortunately things are not that simple when you want to see a soccer game in the Netherlands. Here you have to be a member of the club to be able to buy any ticket. I do not own such a membership as I generally don’t care much about soccer, but someone I know from the gym is a big PSV fan (Eindhoven’s soccer team) and a member. He tried to buy tickets for us but the only tickets left were seperate seats on different sides of the stadium and the tickets were very expensive. So we decided not to go.
When Yasu was here again last month, I asked him if there was anything special he wanted to do in the short week he was going to be here. He still wanted to see a soccer game and luckily PSV played a game in the week he was here. So I called the PSV fan again and this time there were (kind of) affordable tickets still for sale, for seats next to eachother! So we took them.

Yasu with a PSV champions cap (PSV is currently the Dutch champion)

I don’t really care much about soccer but I do know the basic rules of the sport. Yasu on the other hand, really likes soccer and he knew exactly what was going on and spend quite some time explaining things to his clueless girlfriend. What I did not expect was the silence during the game, I mean when you watch a game on T.V. there is always some excited voice-over but in the stadium there is no such thing. Also, I felt like an icecube after the game, it is so cold in the stadium, it’s unbelievable! Yasu brought some ‘kairos’ (patches you attach to your clothes that heat up and therefore serve as a personal heater) but the ones I used were probably old because they did not heat up at all. Of course, Yasu’s kairo did work properly :).

PSV players getting warmed up for the game

Speaking of my dear boyfriend, yesterday he told me that he will not be in Japan on the day of my birthday :O. People who know me a little, know that I value dates tremendously! I am one of those people that wants to celebrate anniversaries, birthdays, graduations and the like on the exact date, or not at all. If it is not on the right date, it feels like the meaning of the celebration is lost, so there is no point in celebrating it anymore. I don’t know why, but I do know that this date-thing has always been very important to me. Perhaps it has something to do with the uncountable amount of forgone promises in the past?
Anyway, apparently Yasu is going to be in San Francisco for many, many days in August (including my birthday) for some NLP seminar… Meaning that I have to celebrate my first birthday in Japan alone, as my family will be in the Netherlands and my boyfriend will be in the States. This news is quite a downer and as you probably already guessed Yasu will need to do something quite spectacular to make up for it!

One thought on “P.S.V. and a boyfriend-lacking-birthday

  1. The soccer game was very fun besides it was very cold. I liked that cap a lot. I should have bought one.
    I am so sorry about your birthday. This means I still have a way to make this up. I’ll do that.


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