NLP Seminars in Nagoya – By Yasu

Shinkansen at Nagoya Station

Just got home from Nagoya. I am so tired. Yesterday and Today I was there to help Mr. Yamasaki’s seminars about NLP and communication.

On Saturday, I arrived in Tsurumai at 8:20 am. A building the seminars were held are called Tsurumai-Plaza, about 5-minute away from JR Tsurumai Station. I was supposed to be there at 8:40 to meet Mr. Yamasaki , Miss Oe and people from C’s Career Research. So I was the first one to be there and they came at 8:45. I normally am the one who comes just in time or a bit late, but thanks to Louana, I am getting this habit. To be there in time enough.

In order to get to Tsurumai , which is 2-station away from Nagoya, I left Tachibana Station at 6:50, Shin Osaka Station at 7:10. By Shinkansen, it takes less than one hour from Shin Osaka to Nagoya. It costs 5980 yen for a non-reserved seat.

I didn’t know who would be with Mr. Yamasaki. He came there with Miss Oe who also throws seminars and is a big learner of Mr. Yamasaki’s, and two ladies from C’s, Mrs. Yoshida and Ms Aoi. Now preparation starts. We put desks and chairs as Mr. Yamasaki wants, bound Seminar Materials, set the Mic on and etc.

At 9:30, the seminar starts. This is an introduction of NLP, titled “NLP for beginners'”. What I wanted to learn from this seminar is how to teach NLP. It is complicated for me to explain it, so being there and saw how and what he talked was helpful.

It is Nagoya, so mostly people are from there but sometimes I found people from Osaka. A lady sat in front of me was also from Osaka. She wants to learn NLP more but since there are few seminars done in Osaka, she came there. Well, in June you can take NLP Practitioner course in Osaka. I’ll tell her the details later. She was an interesting person, teaches at universities “Attraction Skills”. It is not about sexual thing but more likely how to behave or how to wear clothes nicely. Her main career is color designing so her class is a derivation from it, I guess.

After the seminar, we went to have Sushi which ended up to be on Mr. Yamasaki. He ordered the best Sushi set for us. It was great needless to say.

Then we went to a restaurant to study. Mr. Yamasaki taught us how to structure seminars with what and why he did today. It was a really interesting lessons, Miss Oe recorded everything. She gives seminars so for her what Mr. Yamasaki said was very real. She often asked questions to him. I was very silent but I also had many questions but those questions were to me, not to Mr. Yamasaki. At the end, the time was 11pm, he asked us if any questions. That was the first time I opened my mouth there besides when eating Chocolate Sundae. It looked like it is very important for us to doubt about NLP. Yes it is a very practical and effective tool and attitude but you have to get real. Mr. Yamasaki looked very happy and said “Yes, yes yes, you are very right!”. I was very happy to feel the sense of “Getting the point”. And that made our talk 15-minute longer.

On that night, I stayed at Business Hotel Comfort, very private small hotel. It looked like an apartment.

Next day, Sunday, the seminar was about NLP but more advanced skills. It was also much fun.

The seminar is over, Mr. Yamasaki and I went back to Shin Osaka by Shinkansen. We got there at 9, then we went to have dinner. At the table we were talking about the book he is about to publish. I am a charge of its charts and pictures. We talked about several things about it and left the restaurant.

Because he lives in Amagasaki too, he gave me a ride home. I knew he has bought a Porsche but never seen it. So I saw it for the first time! It was a silver and small one. It didn’t look convenient to drive but the feeling of being there is awesome! I liked it a lot.

I really wanted to make pictures of Nagoya but since I didn’t have much time there I just took a couple. But almost surely Mr. Yamasaki will invite me to his 10-day seminar in Nagoya from March to April, I’ll take more then.

Nagoya is a beautiful place, they have a beautiful Christmas illumination till the beginning of January. I took a part of it from a car.

Christmas Illumination at Nagoya Station (from a car)

In front of Nagoya Station

Comment by Louana: So you wrote this on Monday, but you write you just got home from Nagoya and that you were there yesterday and today… Mmm Yasu you must be very tired indeed! You got home from Nagoya yesterday! Not today! Wake up tired boy! xx


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