My favorite Place – By Yasu

Entrance of Carrefour Amagasaki

After setting up webcams for PC dummies in JMA, I went home to do several things. Then the time was already 4 pm. But I had to work on the translation work, so I went to my favorite place, Starbucks in Carrefour.

I went there 2 days in a row. I don’t like people there to remember my face and they think inside “Oh he comes here again”. Because I spend about two hours working there. But it is just 2 days, I shouldn’t be worried about it. Since I was bit tired from my morning work at JMA, my work didn’t go as fast as yesterday, but it is always fun to read or study at Starbucks.

Today I had Caramel Macchiato there. I got to know this from Louana. At Starbucks nearby Emory University, she often had this one. So I tried, it was good. So today it was maybe my 5th or 6th Caramel Macchiato try, I was already used to it.

There are several ways to enjoy Caramel Macchiato or other coffees. How do you drink this kind of coffee? Before I used to taste a little bit of the caramel on the top, then stir. But recently I stir from the beginning and enjoy that mixed flavor. How about you?

A well-known therapist, Milton Erickson has told once that he can see people’s sexual behavior from their eating behavior, Tim Hallbom said in his seminar (that was right after our lunch break, what a good timing!). So I think maybe your way of drinking coffee imply some of your sexual behavior?

Anyway, it is always fun to find out about human, brain or that kind of stuff. Tomorrow I’m going to Nagoya for Mr. Yamasaki’s seminar about NLP and communication.


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