Business Innovation Center Osaka – By Yasu

Ad of AEON , Honmachi school at Honmachi station

In order to reserve a seminar room for our NLP seminar in July, I went to Business Innovation Center Osaka. Actually I didn’t know they had an English page which looks blunt. It is still 4th Jan, most of the people are still in New Year’s mode. Understandable enough. On way there, something caught my eyes, so I took a picture of it. My girlfriend will work for Aeon in Inuyama in May.

Business Innovation Center Osaka

Because it is a new and popular building, there are many organizations who want to have seminar in. So the rooms are given by lottery. They put pieces of paper which says number on in a box, you take one and wait till your turn comes. Last time I took “8” that was relatively a good number since there are always about 20 groups, I reserved the room I wanted. This time what I will get. The lottery is taken by the order of phone calls. If you call them and tell them that you are going to come to reserve the room earlier, you can take the lottery earlier. I was the 6th or 7th one of the lottery. Well, let’s see,,, “5” nice number, I became almost certain that I would get the room I wanted. And I did.

Number “5”

I got home and worked on my translation work. After lunch I biked to Starbucks. I thought it was very far from my house, but it only took 20 minutes by bike. I can do this easily. Today I had Double Moca Macchiato which started to sell on 26 December, about one week old product. It tasted good, my work went so well. Thank you, Starbucks.

Comment by Louana: Ah thank you for that AEON ad picture, I liked it very much! What kind of seminar rooms does the building have? What kind of room did you chose? Ow that is so nice! Only 20 minutes away by bike: Starbucks! I am jealous! I hope they have one in Inuyama! xx

Reply by Yasu: Good I didn’t expect you would be that much happy with the ad. They have varieties, rooms for 10 people, 30 people, 50 people or more. I reserved a room for about 35 people. From June to August, my dad and I are giving NLP Practitioner seminar there. We are not sure how many people will come to study (Max is 24 I guess ) but NLP needs space so we have relatively a large room. Yes, also today I want to go Starbucks depending on what time this JMA thing is finished.


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