An AEON interview and clean hotel in London

So two montsh ago I was in London, studying English grammar (just-in-case) in my hotelroom, because the NYC recruiters of AEON corporation had invited me back for a personal interview, the next morning. I had spent the day taking part in an orientation seminar about the company and later I had to present 5 minutes of my mock lesson plan during a group interview. The other candidates were my pretend Japanese students, while I tried to lead an English conversation lesson based on a self-made bingo game. Apparently it was good enough to get me invited back for the personal interview round :). I survived the nerve-racking interview the next morning, and the recruiter called me a week later with the good news: AEON was going to offer me a teaching position!

The Regent Palace Hotel @ Glasshouse Street

I also visited London in September and during that trip I stayed at the Regent Palace Hotel, they had great rates and the location was even more awesome, just 100 meters away from Piccadilly Circus! Well, that sums up the good points of that hotel, besides that this so-called palace completely sucks. There is so much wrong and dirty with this hotel, with the worst being a 5 cm long cockroach crawling past my feet in the bathroom! Let this be a warning, the low rates and great location are not worth the ick-factor of this hotel!

The Montana Hotel @ Gloucester Road

So on my second trip this year, I was willing to spend trice as much on a ensuite hotelroom just to feel comfortable and well-rested for my job-interviews. After a severe amount of research on, I decided to book a room at the Montana Hotel, and I was not dissapointed. It was a nice hotel indeed with free WiFi and I even got an unexpected small breakfast every morning! The only bad point was the staff, which was not very friendly but they were not nearly as rude at the Regent Palace Hotel staff. I really enjoyed my stay at the clean Montana Hotel, and the two Starbucks Coffee stores in the street!

Over the holidays I sent AEON in NYC several things like my Master’s degree, lots of passport photos, several signed contracts, a $200 check and more. Everything arrived safely and now they are going to send my stuff off to Japan, and hopefully they will send me back a Certificate of Eligibilty which will enable me to get a working visa at the Japanese Embassy in The Hague. The recruiter told me I am kind of a special case, because I am the first person they hired without a passport from a native English country, and he is not sure what will or will not be a problem for the Japanese immigration service. This all makes me a little nervous, I really want to go to Inuyama, so I just hope everything will go well!


2 thoughts on “An AEON interview and clean hotel in London

  1. You have spent lots of energy, time and money on this job hunting to come to Japan. I can assure that again with this blog. I really appreciate your effort much. This trp advisor site sounds nice, next time I’ll visit them. And also I am glad that you are the first non-native English speaker they hired. Such a smart girl :) mmmmmmwah


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