Sushi Place – By Yasu

[ Missing Video :( ]

This is what I filed for “All You Need Is Love” but it was not so well-made I guess.

Comment by Louana: Maybe it was too noisy and perhaps because it is not in your office (which is what they asked for right?)… But then again, they did not really focus on anybody’s partners in the show, I guess simply because there were so many people reunited in the show and there was so limited time for each couple. Ow by the way, I got recognized again today and yesterday, haha, I am really a bit famous :). Which program did you use to put this movie in your blog? When you open it it becomes bigger, it’s nice, I might want it too. Google video did not work on my blog :(, so I hope you used something else. xx

Reply by Yasu: Yeah that is right. Since my office is often home, I didn’t take it there. Good, that DVD is not here yet. I’m looking forwatd to seeing it. When you come here, I can see it with your translation :). Nice, I wanna experience that too! For this movie, I just went to and input the movie I had. This looks different than yours (and I think yours is better ) because I think the format of blog is different. mwah mwah mwah


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