New Year, Relatives get together 2 – By Yasu

Minoru enjoys karaoke

Today is the day our dad’s family get together. 3 of my uncle’s family, 2 are my uncle & aunt, my grandma and 4 of my family. We were a grouped of 10 people. In the afternoon, my uncle, Akihiro was out, he was golfing which was very important to him because now he wants to have his wife. Yes there was but she has passed away for about 6 years. It was subarachnoid hemorrhage, her death was too sudden. I will never forget how shocking it was.

We, 9 of us, enjoyed lunch that was sushi. Since we wanted to make it no war among who gets which sushi, we had one box for each. It worked well. I always enjoy talking to my grandma, Shizuko who has got recently really forgetful. But she has never lost her sense of humor and upbeat atmosphere, most of the times she is happy and that makes everyone around her happy too.

After lunch, my mother, my aunt Mayumi and I cleaned up table and plates. I used to get annoyed with people who are not cooperative in a family society. “Why doesn’t he do anything while we all are doing this? Does he think he is the King and we are his slaves or something?” Something like that. But I was not annoyed much today because I found another perspective. I found that while I am doing this stuff, I am also building people’s trust. And that is one of the most important things. Also I thought there lies something I can grow inside. If I stop being who I want to be because of people around, that is absurd. So I was enjoying cleaning kind of. Am I being too positive? I don’t know. Let’s see.

Then we went to Karaoke. There is one in Amagasaki called Manekineko. Manekineko translates “Inviting Cat” word-to-word. This is a cat figure that is considered to make people and money come to your place. So normally you can find it in stores.

We got there at 5pm with Hiro’s thrilling drive. Someone had to make a member’s card, so I did. Because it will live for one year which means when Louana is here we can karaoke at this place. I am so looking forward to that. Karaoke was fun, and what came to the last is, of course, grandma Shizuko! She is a really good singer. We were there for two hours.

We came back to Akihiro’s place for dinner. It was Nabe as Louana has expected. Like Sukiyaki last night, it was also great.

“Ohhh,,, you hurt me. But I like you” SM Foot Massage Tool

Dinner was done and we found something fun there. Akihiro has a massage tool for your feet. You step on the tool so your feet are pushed. According to the tool, if you feel pain then, some of your body parts are unhealthy. Depending on which part of foot feels pain, you can know which part of your body is unhealthy. I tried and felt pain in Achilles-side and middle-side which means I lack sleep and my kidney is not healthy. Maybe, maybe not. It was so ridiculous to see people standing on it and walking on the spot. The best one is when Mayumi was on. I took a picture of it. She looked like “a ski jumper in the sky” or “a girl who secretly wants to go to restroom”. We all tried and laughed how they looked on it. Yeah, I’m going to buy this one in my house.

She is just getting a massage. Nothing strange.

Comment by Louana: Karaoke and nabe, sounds so much better than my day! I wish I was there! Perhaps next year I will! The foot massager is very interesting, I wonder which parts will hurt in my feet! xx

Reply by Yasu: I desperately want to do karaoke and have nabe with you! Oh that will be awesome! Yes, I am curious what your massage will be. I’ll take a picture of it then :) chu


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