New Year, Relatives get together – By Yasu

Very crowded in LaLaport

It is already 2007, a happy new year! Last night, I was talking to Louana to count numbers for a new year but the TV I was watching didn’t count down, so we missed it. When we noticed the time, it was already after 0:00. After that, we talked and I slept at around 3 am because I had to get up slightly before at 8 am in Japanese time to count down for a year 2007 with Louana. I got up at 7:55am and immediately made a call to Louana’s cellphone but that was not what she expected. She thought I would call her house-phone. Her cellphone battery was low so I had to call her again to her house-phone. Then she went outside to see fireworks which is a common way to celebrate new year in The Netherlands. I was sleepy so I slept again.

At 11 am I got up and my new day started. Every New Year’s Day, my mother is happy because she can buy “Fukubukuro ( Lucky-bag )”. Fukubukuro has a lot of stuff inside but you can’t know what are inside until you buy it. But you can buy many things at very cheap price, that is why it is called “Fukubukuro”, Lucky-bag. We went to LaLaport again to find good Fukubukuros.

My mother was not the only one who wants to buy Fukubukuro. So I was. I needed to buy two of them, one is for Yumi, the other is for Amy. They are my cousins who came over with their parents to my house for dinner.

Since Yumi and Amy are very young (14 and 8 ), I went to very girly stores. Finally I found Fukubukuros of stationery that include many cute things. I took two bags and lined to cashier. It was a really fun experience to line up in a girly store. Most of them are girls. Sometimes you find middle-aged guys but they are with their little daughter. 23 year-old man, standing alone in that line must have been really funny to people around me. Even I found it funny. But hey, life is an adventure, doing something is usually better than doing nothing.

In the evening, my relatives from my mother’s family came to my house for dinner. We had Sukiyaki. Oh I loved it! We all really enjoyed it. My brother, Hiromasa, even said that “who invented this awesome food?”. After Sukiyaki, we had several desserts. Food was good, and meeting relatives who I had not met for months was also good.

Sukiyaki Dinner

Comment by Louana: Ah yeah missing the countdown (twice!) was quite sucky, but the fireworks were very nice, especially the sounds of explosion everywhere! Next year let’s buy a cute girly stationary fukuburo for me too, haha! I love the picture of your family dinner, looks very good and seems like you had a nice evening with your family! Except you all sat on chairs not on the floor like when I was there 2 years ago. Seems almost Western :D! xx

Reply by Yasu: Fireworks,,, well we can enjoy them in summer here. That will be right after you come here. Yes it is western style. But that is now common here. Dinner was great! Meeting my relatives was even greater! mwah


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