Happy 2007!

Yasu lives 8 hours ahead of me, so at 16:00 Dutch time, Japan was going to enter the new year. Yasu and I had a skype videocall open so we could countdown into 2007 together. But a few minutes before midnight Yasu got distracted by my mother, because she asked him to show her the living room, and all of a sudden it was 2007 already :o. Uhm, well happy new year… But not to worry, we were to have a second chance 8 hours later, when the Netherlands was going to join Japan in 2007. Yasu got up early in Japan and called me so he could join me in counting down to the new year. A few minutes before midnight, I was talking to a very sleepy Yasu on the phone, and it was slightly chaotic in my house; with people still pouring champagne, Gyano unsuccesfully searching for a countdown clock on TV, and a temperature that was way too high to be comfortable. I thought I just went outside for a few seconds to get some fresh air, but when I (and Yasu on the phone) re-entered the living room there were only a few 2006-seconds left. This was so surprising that we fell silent and failed to countdown into 2007 for the second time!
Luckily there is more to New Year’s Eve than counting down. This year everybody (even the children) in our family cooked a dish or two to make up for a very varied New Year’s Eve buffet. I made some salmon-cream cheese-chives-tortilla ‘sushi’, which I towered up on the blue plate, not my finest hour of cuisine but tasty none the less! And of course, my mother baked the traditional Dutch ‘oliebollen’ on the last day of the year (you can see them on the back of the table). Most dishes were very tasty and it could be a nice new tradition for coming New Year’s Eve celebrations: an everyone-cooks-one-dish buffet!

New Year’s Eve buffet

Of course, a Dutch New Year’s Eve is not complete without fireworks, and at the stroke of midnight all hell broke lose here as hundreds of people started setting of their own fireworks. Of course, the displays aren’t as impressive as professional shows organized by big cities or tv shows, but the sum of all parts (so many people in the street and neigborhood shooting arrows into the sky and setting off boxes with colored lights shooting out of them) can be pretty impressive and extremely noisy! But it is a good noisy and very enjoyable to me. Unfortunately my camera wasn’t doing what I wanted it to do, it was too confused with the sudden changes in light every second, so I did not get to snap a good-fireworks-shot :(. So I added a small video to give an impression of the noise and the fireworks, so when you see the fireworks in the video imagine that going on everywhere around you and in all the colors of the rainbow, then you might get an idea of the spectacle that went on in our neighborhood!


2 thoughts on “Happy 2007!

  1. The picture looks really nice, I’m sure you enjoyed that buffet. One more thing I like about it is at the corner, I see drawers of your kitchen. That reminds me of breakfast I had there.
    Thanks for the movie but I didn’t see anything much.


  2. After fixing,,, Well, this is great! I can easily understand you enjoyed them so much. It is just my preference, I like to hear your voice behind it such as “oh great!” or even giggling can do. Just my preference. mwah


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