Homepage making 2 – By Yasu

Last night, because of the huge amount of to-dos from homepage making, I was working until 1 with my dad. After that, I had another thing need to be done, so I was doing that. I realized the time was almost 3am. My brain had two things; “oh this is too late, go to bed soon!” and “Louana will be home soon”. At that moment, my skype made a sound. She was there. She was alone home, so we had a really fun talk together. She was talking to me, eating sushi. I guessed right where she bought it. That is a store we together went three times in Eindhoven.

I went to bed around 4am, yeah very undaily life-cycle. I just say “because it is around New Year’s Day”.

My mother yelled and I woke up at 10 this morning. She wanted to ask me if I can give my grandma a ride to somewhere. But she could ask me later too. Yeah, sometimes my mom does a weird thing, but that is forgivable.

With sleepy eyes, I got a cup of coffee and ready to work on homepaging. It went really well. We have come halfway.

Then my dad wants to buy a new laptop. He wants a lighter and smaller one with the same quality as the one he has, Let’s Note W5. There is Let’s Note R5 which will be the most appropriate for his request. I checked and compared the specks and prices. R5 doesn’t have a CD/DVD player inside so you have to attach it. There is a good online store who sells R5 at the cheapest price according to kakaku.com (website you can compare prices). That online store are off till 4th January, so we decided to wait and see New Year Sales if they sell cheaper than that. And also I can ask about R5 there. So I am going to have a new PC soon!!

What I am happy about this the most is it will allow me to work on translation outside home. Let’s Note has a very powerful battery and is very light. I have worked on translation with my dad’s Let’s Note at Starbucks, I enjoyed it a lot.

My mom was cleaning house all day, so I helped her. I put my iPod on my ear listening to Dutch for Dummies and cleaning washstand. I almost didn’t understand what they said completely but felt a slight improvement in my Dutch language ability. In cleaning, what I enjoy is discover things. I found 2 two tubes of face wash and one block of mirror wiper, several tubes that are half used.

The washstand became to look clean, my dad and I went to a drivers’ range because he is going to golf tomorrow with Mayumi, Minoru and Akihiro. Thanks to my golf-lessons, I hit really well today. When I walked to my hitting space, I remembered the lesson from baseball. “Do it with 80% of your power. If you do it with 100%, you will lose your stability.” that was an interesting experience. When I was a little league kid, I was a pitcher. I found out that 80%-throw was faster than 100%-throw. I don’t know why this words came to my mind tonight, but I just followed. Yeah this will be something I should tell myself next time I golf too.

I’m finished with “Words that Change Minds” tonight, it was a quick-read. Thanks to Prof. Pellom McDaniels in Emory University, my reading speed became faster. But I think there are a lot to be improved in my reading. For example, Prof. McDaniels reads a lot and writes a lot, then utilizes a lot in his life. He has what he calls “burning question”, that I say “very compelling outcome” which makes him go (read, write, speak or all things he does). I think that is why he remembers and uses a lot from his readings. For this reading “Words that Change Minds” it was ok with a general understanding because it was for translation. But when it comes to a reading for myself, things are different. If I want to find a clear answer, I need to have a clear question before I read.

Tomorrow, it will be the last day of 2006. Time flies.

Comment by Louana: Yeah that was a fun talk last night but very late for you. But nice for me because at least this way I did not have to have dinner alone :). I found your cleaning story very enjoyable, about how you like discovering things. And listening to Dutch while cleaning you are so eager to learn, very nice! xx

Reply by Yasu: I have the same feelings on that. We should do that talk again! :) mwah. Yeah what is fun in learning Dutch is I can use them immediately thanks to you. And you and me are happy with it. mwah


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