Metaprogram Videotaping – By Yasu

It was a memorial day today,,, why? Because today was the day the Japanese version of Metaprogram video was filmed for the first time! … Yeah it is not such a big event since there are not many people who are studying it. But anyway, I am happy to help that and be there. Basically what we did is 1. Compose the script which has to include all the metaprograms we have learned at the seminar last week. 2. Show that to Prof. Uechi, and he corrects some parts. 3. Make a conversation according to the script in front of a video-camera.

The first part took longest of the three because what we say had to be clear to be categorized into each metaprogram. It is an elementary test, so that is why. You have to decide the Context which is the topic of conversation. Your Context can be “when you coach somebody” “when you choose a car” “when you teach English to kids” or etc. But if your Context is “about my work” or “about my school”, that is too general. It has to be contextualized, need your motivation and need people around to some degree.

What could this be? I was thinking. I wanted pick one from a daily life so that anybody can imagine it easily. Let’s take one from family. The first thing came to my mind is something with Louana. But hey, how could it be “daily” to talk to a girlfriend who lives in the Netherlands to Japanese people? Then I ended up with the Context “when I wash dishes”.

I showed the script to Prof. Uechi, then got ready. While filming my focus was on my pronunciation of words to sound clearly and making sure to say key words which people know my metaprograms from (this is called “Influencing Language”). After that, we watched my talk. It was so funny, I was talking about “dish-wash” with really serious face. Never mind, I always like something funny.

The filming was successfully done. What I learned was reading/knowing is really not enough. I have to use what I know like I did today.

Cool guy from Endemol TV station, Paul. “Yeah, once in a while we should do this pose”

Comment by Louana: Sounds like a very productive day, and I know for sure that you enjoyed it very much! I am so happy you get to do the things you love so much on a daily basis! xx

Reply by Yasu: Yeah I did, and I am happy to make more sure that you are who gets happy when I get happy. The other way goes the same too. mwah mwah mwah


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