Golf Lesson – By Yasu

Last night, I couldn’t sleep well. So I was recalling what I did after taking a bath till getting in bed. I found out there was not much time between them. I heard before that while you are sleeping, your body temperture is getting higher. But my temperture was too high to be even higher. So I thought maybe I should get cooler. So I went out from futon and read. After about a half hour later, I found my body feeling cooler, I went to bed. I fell asleep relatively soon. It was a good discovery.

Today I went to a golf lesson. Every Wednesday I go to Techno-Land Amagasaki to take a lesson. Because the instructor took off and I was in the Netherlands, I have skipped two lessons in a row. I have not met my instructor for 3 weeks. Today I learned how to hit from bunker. I watched a video, then practiced. Though bunker shot looks different than normal shot, the theory is the same. Hit the ball with the center of the head of your golf-club. It was not so difficult.

After that, I went back to normal shot. I tend to like changes in most of the things. But in golf as a beginner, I shouldn’t do that. I am still building my foundation, so I need to repeat the same thing over and over again. I keep telling that to myself while playing. My shots have been getting more consistent recently.

This is kind of an interesting behavior of mine, if I like something too much, I do it too much. That is why I am calming myself down here.

Since my parents were out, I had to bike to Techno-Land Amagasaki. I would never do that again. There are many many plants around, puffing white and gray smokes!! I tried to keep my breath and bike fast. What made it more challenging is my bike. I lent it to my sister for a month. She used it everyday so its tires are a little down. She left them as they were. It was my first bike after long time use of her, I noticed the down tires soon. I biked hard, but it didn’t go fast. When I finally escaped from smokes and got to Techno-Land Amagasaki, I was so happy.

After the golfing, I went to Veloce to read the Metaprogram book. I was tired from hard-biking, I couldn’t concentrate on that well. Because of my hard schedule, I have not worked out recently. But health is the most important thing, I should start it from tomorrow. As Louana’s boyfriend, I should have a balanced body. Yeah, I should do some exercise tomorrow.

Comment by Louana: That’s quite a complicated sleeping & temperature story! And it was quite funny imagining you biking like crazy while holding your breath, afraid of the factory fumes. Seems like you had enough of a workout today with the biking and golfing! It was only today, that I found out you have a weekly golf lesson. I never knew that you were such a frequent visitor of the driving range. Always nice to learn something new about my boyfriend! By the way, doing something too much because you like too much, sounds very logical to me ;). xx

Reply by Yasu: Yeah but the golf lesson has started in November and it will end in January. Very short program. Yeah doing something too much because I like it too much. You see, I’m following this lesson for many things such as DUC. chu chu


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