Mister Donut – By Yasu

My mother is in winter vacation from today. What does this mean? I have to help her cleaning house! We did small cleaning in our house together and she was so happy that she wanted to go to a beautician. It was rainy heavily outside, so I drove her there. The beautician takes about an hour so I didn’t go home, read a book “Words that Change Minds” at Mister Donut near Tachibana station. I normally don’t go there because Misdo ( this is how people call Mister Donut ) allows smoking inside. I hate smoke. But today I found non-smoking seats that is a good news. I saw a sign saying if you have a cup of hot cafe au lait, you will get free-refill so I got one plus some twisted donut. Non-smoking seats are located at the corner of the store so I sat there and begun reading. Sometime you think about what you have just read, when I did it today, I found a black guy. You never know how miraculous to see black people in Tachibana. If he were near my seat, I would talk to him, though I was not sure if he spoke English.

I felt I am not a professional of reading. I was kind of struggling with loud chatting made by old ladies around. Professionals don’t choose their environment. I felt I could do better at Starbucks. I am not saying Starbucks is better than Misdo if you want to study there. It might be because it was rainy outside so many people want to come inside, or because Tachibana has more people than where Starbucks in Carrefour has.

About an hour passed, my mother came then suddenly she went for grocery shopping at a supermarket next to. She bought a lot since she is not going to be home for 2 days from tomorrow. That made one-hour of our parking fee free. Yet we still had to pay some, then we found a pharmacy. According to a worker there, we need to buy more than 3000 yen in order to get next parking-free. Luckily we had several things to buy there since before New Year’s Day we clean our house thoroughly. The purchase reached 3000, then he handed us a parking-free. Yes, we made it! But it said “20-minute”. “Why didn’t he tell me that!” my mother said. Well, but that was ok, we just walked to the parking lot. In order to make the parking fee free, we looked for goods to buy for about 15 minutes. Then we received 20-minute off… What a great deal! Never mind.

I forgot to mention, today I studied Dutch as usual. I learned “Street Language” that is kind of slang. They are easy to pronounce. Tonight I said those words to Dutch girl who I talk to the most. But she didn’t understand,,, So du je! After spelling those words out, she somehow understood what they meant, but she and people in her area don’t use those words, she said. So I’ll skip those words. I’ll just focus on lessons that are also in CD. I think I’ll be forth-lingual soon, like 5 years later or something. Jp, Eng, Chn and NL. What would be the next?

Comment by Louana: Wow the parking story is quite complicated, I think I might read it again just to make sense out of it! Your Misdo story did make sense because you already told me today! Yeah the Dutch slang you talked about was quite interesting but very unfamiliar for this Dutchie. Still I am very happy that you are learning my language and its so cute to hear you pronounce Dutch words!

Reply by Yasu: Ok, about the parking story, here if you buy a certain amount, you will often get parking discount. So we bought extra in order to make parking-fee free. But we spent more time, and parking discount was very small. Hope this will make sense to you :). Yeah it is fun to learn Dutch because I can use what I learned soon. I want this kind of environment for anything!! mwah mwah mwah


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