Getting up early to celebrate Christmas??? – By Yasu

I had to get up early today because it is Christmas Eve. Sounds weird huh? I had to, because of the time difference between the Netherlands and Japan. There is 8-hour of difference and Louana wanted to see me at 11pm there, meaning I had to be online at 7 am here. It is Christmas here and Eve there so I wanted to look appropriate for it, I got up a little bit earlier than that and wore a nice clothes and got my hair gelled. Because of the tight schedule after I came home, I was so sleepy and tired but it is always nice to hear her cute voice. I guess because of the internet-connection, I could see her face only for a couple of minutes through a webcam I gave her. Hope soon I can see her longer and more clearly. And hope more that I can see real her which is the best. We talked for 4 hours. Louana showed me a part of us being on TV from “All You Need Is Love”. That was very fun to see her and myself on TV. Can’t stop laughing. At the end of the conversation, Louana sound very sleepy because it was almost 4 am there, that was obvious. I also wanted to take a nap so we went to bed at the same time. Nice Christmas.

I woke up a half hour later and started my day. What I liked the most today was Starbucks. I went there to read a book which I am going to check the translation into Japanese. They told me the translation would be finished by the mid January, after that I would have to check if that is consistent language-wise. I got to Starbucks in Carrefour Amagasaki, and found a red ad. They had special coffees for Christmas, I got one of them, Toffee Nut Latte. I liked it a lot. At Starbucks, I was just reading and summarizing. Next I looked at my cellphone, I found the time was already 7 pm. I started to feel a bit tired so I changed the subject. From my bag, I took a book that Louana and her family gave me at surprising my birthday party, “Dutch for Dummies”. Let me see, what I remember,,, “spannnende” means “exciting”. Well, I’ll remember more when I see my notes. And I have to learn this weird way of pronunciation, haha.

Comment by Louana: So that is what we did celebrate Christmas! So we did spend it together a little bit!! Jippie! Ow it was really sucky that we could not see each other through webcams for a long time, I did not really get to enjoy your nice hair and clothes. But you are so sweet to dress up for me! Mwah mwah! Today we actually got our webcams to work much longer! Ow wonderful Starbucks, where you studied Dutch :):)! Wie weet! How was your special coffee, hopefully not too sweet like in Beans and Bagels! xx

Reply by Yasu: Yes we did celebrate Christmas together!! And thanks for sending me movies! I really enjoyed them. Toffee Nut Latte was good, this time I became wiser to taste first without anything, then found out I didn’t need any sugar. Well, that was sweet enough. But I would love to go to Beans and Bagels, a lady I talked to was very fun and nice, maybe in May I should meet her again. mwah mwah.


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