Metaprogram Seminar in Osaka by Prof Uechi – By Yasu

It was a fulfilling day. One of the things I like about NLP is Metamodel because Metamodel helps you understand more about Human. I went to a seminar of Metamodel today by Professor Uechi from Kansai Gaidai University. He is very smart and friendly. And what I like about him is that he is not a professor-professor who studies to study. Instead he is very practical, knows how to use things in books in your daily life. In this seminar, I found several people who are already known for things like marketing or coaching etc. I walked to them and had a talk, which was also fun.

After the seminar, Mr. Yamasaki, a professional translator, Motoyama-sensei and me were talking about publishing a Japanese version of “Words that Change Minds”. This book is about, yes, Metamodel and very sophisticated. I scanned it before. I have my role here, getting excited.

Today was not only about the seminar. During the meeting, my cellphone rang. It was a short vibes, means an email’s coming. After the meeting I checked it, found out it was from Louana. It was a long email about her receiving a Christmas present from me. Unfortunately I couldn’t ship it to her tomorrow 24th or 25th because the delivery doesn’t work on 24th. I don’t like to set the day on 25th then something goes wrong , she gets it on 26th. So I set the day 23rd. Well, they are nice, punctual. I tried to order it from, uk but they wouldn’t ship it where Louana is. Then I tried to go from Amazon France or German but I couldn’t find their English page. So I talked to her mother, Lia and younger brother Gyano. Gyano often shops online, he helped me. He told me a Dutch online store, and told what the words meant when I asked him. Successfully I ordered what Louana wanted thanks to Gyano. “Thank you Gyano, have lots of Japanese snacks I left there”. Louana lost her favorite webcam when she went to London to take her job interview for AEON. But now I can see her through it. Jippie!

Comment by Louana: Actually the 26th is still Christmas here, because we have 2 Christmas days! But your timing was perfect, because the delivery service would probably not work on the 25th and 26th because of the Christmas holiday. Really; Gy shops online often? But I am happy he helped you. Thank you Yasu for the very nice surprise! I love you! xx


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