Country Music in Kobe – By Yasu

Today I woke up with a phone from Louana. She came back from a studio filiming of “All You Need is Love”. The studio filming itself was a fun experience but she really wasn’t happy to be there. Because I was not there with her. I am really sorry,,,

We talked a lot on the phone, we shared our real feelings with each other. That was a great conversation. A sad event, but we, true-love-couple (that’s what people say about us) can turn it into a resouce that makes our love warmer. After the conversation, I became to love her more.

Well, as you see on the title, here I write about what I did tonight. I went to a country music bar in Kobe (actually I should say it Okamoto). Because one of my English teachers from my university was playing there. I met one of my friends, also from my university, Mariko in front of Starbucks and walked into the bar. It was so crowded, almost all of them are middle-aged or higher. They were really having fun, listening to a LIVE country from USA. I took a look to the stage, there Brad was playing his bass. He looked so cool, and enjoying the rythm.

Soon we got there, the band took a break so we talked to Brad. His wife was also there, enjoying the husband’s music with stroking her belly inside their baby girl. They will give her a birth in January.

The break was over, he was on the stage again, with Drum and Guitar-vocal. Sometimes Brad also sings, Mariko and I liked to see his singing.

At our table, I showed her pictures from my trip to Russia and the Netherlands. It was her first time to see Louana’s face, she said Louana was cute and called her “Louana-chan”. Mariko thought Louana was younger, surprised to hear Louana was 26. There were too many things to tell from the trip so we enjoyed the conversation. What she liked the most should be “Sashimi” story???

If Louana wants, I can take her there and enjoy the live country music, I thought.
Well, now I got home and am getting ready for tomorrow’s seminar.

Comment by Louana: That conversation was very powerful and comforting, through all the sadness I felt much more love between us. Mwah mwah! Live country music… sure when can we go? This will be the first for me but when you are with me I enjoy everything! Yes, Louana-chan wants to go there with Yakun! xx

Reply by Yasu: Indeed, that conversation made us sadder and cry, but after all it turned to be such a valuable and loving talk. mwah mwah. Great, as soon as after you come here and they play. I’ll tell Brad about this. “Louana-chan” and “Yakkun”,,, sounds cute. I like that.


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