How “All You Need is Love” got started – By Yasu

15 Nov 06, I was at Starbucks in Carrefour Amagasaki, working on the publishing thing. Since I didn’t have lunch that day, I got a cup of coffee and some bread. I sat on a chair and started reading a book and organizing ideas in my notebook. In order to make it easy to answer the phone, I put it on the table I was at. Thanks to the caffeine, I was so focused on my work. It went really smooth. About an hour and half later (that was when I started to slow down a little) my phone rang. Oops,,, I saw the number which said “unable to display”. Firstly, I thought it was from my home because it is always happened when I received the call from home. Secondly, I thought it was from Louana from the Netherlands. I got my phone in my hand but it hung up. Soon after that, the same call rang, I made it this time.

“Moshi moshi”. The person on the phone talked to me in a foreign language that I don’t speak. But it sound familiar. Suddenly she asked me if I spoke English, then our conversation was on. She told me she was calling from the Netherlands. First question, my name. Second one, my girlfriend’s name is Louana. Thanks to my genius brain, I answered them perfectly correctly!! Then I noticed this is about Dutch TV show “All You Need is Love”. “Wait, are you working on a TV program called ‘All You Need is Love’?” She, Heleen said “Yes” gladly.

I was sooooo happy, well no I would say I was so high!!!! My voice became loud that echoed in empty cafe, I didn’t even notice. Heleen told me she would send me an email about the details and made me promise I would never tell this to anybody in the Netherlands. I swore that of course.

After the phone, I couldn’t contain myself. I really wanted to share that feelings with somebody. Since I was talking long on the phone in English my brain was in English so I called an American professor from my university, Paul. He was so happy and excited about it, my voice became even louder, that I didn’t even notice. Next, I called home, my mom picked it up. I was so happy and explaining things in Japanese with loud voice, finally I noticed 3 people were looking at me whose posture was like a soccer player after his goal. I turned my volume down and told her I would be home in 40 minutes. I needed to get a half chapter done, that is why 40 minutes. I got back to work but couldn’t concentrate on that. I tried but my subconscious mind was occupied with that. Well then, I have to go home. I came home about 20 minutes after the call.

I was dancing and saying “Yossha-! ( Jippie!! or Yes! ) ” many many times. I recently watched a movie called “American Dreamz” in where a girl expresses her feelings when she knows she is invited to the contest. She screams, runs, jumps,,, anyway expresses her ultra happy feelings. When I saw it, I felt “Yeah I know how you feel”. It was really like that.

After this, Heleen, Gyano, Louana’s ex-boss and I were going to arrange Louana’s big surprise.

Comment by Louana: Weird that Heleen started talking to you in Dutch first… But I am glad that you answered those questions correctly, mr. genius! Ow I wish I was there to see you being loud in Starbucks and dancing and saying yossha, yossha!! I am sure it would have warmed my heart! chu chu chu aishiteru chu chu chu

Reply by Yasu: I don’t think it was weird. Maybe someday I am speaking in Dutch,,, you never know. Yeah you would like that. You can’t see that now but we can go to that Starbucks again :) It’s right there. “Ik hou van jou, schat.” mwah


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