Sashimi – By Yasu

18 Dec 2006 was a tough day for me. I had to leave my girlfriend, Louana’s place in the Netherlands to come home, Japan. Before the Netherlands, I went to St. Petersburg to film “All You Need Is Love” which is one of the most popular Christmas shows in the Netherlands. That was a dream trip (I’ll write about it later). Then we got reunited and flew to the Netherlands. I spent about a week there and 18 Dec was the day to start our long distance relationship again.

At Schiphol Airport, we were so sad. We hugged each other tightly and cried a lot. At the gate which is the last moment we had, Louana was so great. She tried to say “I’ll miss you” in Japanese which is my first language and her 5th or 6th or 7th language. Instead of her try, a word came out from her mouth was “Sashimi”. Our crying stopped then. We laughed a bit. That helped me :) Dank u wel!! Correctly “I’ll miss you” in Japanese is “Samishii”. I told this to my mom, she really liked it. I like it too. It is getting late, I’ll call it a day.

Comment by Louana: Graag gedaan, schat! Yeah, Monday was a sad day but we did manage to have fun and laugh which gave the day lots of sunshine. And being able to kiss you always makes a day awesome :)! Chu chu chu


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