Yasu back in Europe

After months and months of waiting, the moment was finally there: Yasu back in Europe! September 6th at 6:35 his plane landed at Schiphol Airport and a not too long after that we were reunited after being apart for almost 8 months! We had a lot of catching up to do and plenty of time to do that in as his plane back home would not be leaving until November 3rd. And let me tell you there is nothing as great as having your boyfriend at actual kissing distance after 8 months of just talking on MSN and Skype!

Yasu & Lou finally together again after 8 months

After Yasu unpacked in Neerpelt and claimed some space in my room we spent the first week visiting big cities in the Netherlands he had not yet seen during his first visit to Europe, last year. In Rotterdam we were true tourists while chilling out under the Erasmus Bridge, lunching on the top of the Euromast and even sightseeing in one of the cubic houses. In Utrecht we took it easier as we sat talking by the city canals for hours and ended our day shopping for a new outfit for Mr. Kotera. In Delft we went to a small factory to see with our own eyes how real Delft’s Blue is manufactured and in The Hague we checked out the Queen’s chair in the Hall of Knights at the Binnenhof.

Yasu & Lou lunching on top of the Euromast

Then the second week we expanded our horizons and took a plane to New York City. Yasu took part in an Anthony Robbins Seminar in Secaucus, New Jersey, which is really near to New York City. And while he was learning about NLP, I roamed the streets of NYC armed with my digital camera. Of course it wasn’t all work and no play for Yasu; he had two days off and we spent those days scaring the people of NYC together. We also managed to go to a Broadway musical (Hairspray) and even see a Bon Jovi concert, which just happened to take place in the new Nokia Theatre on Times Square in the small amount of time that Yasu and I were in NYC! It was unbelievably hot in the city, but we still had a great time!

Yasu & Lou in blistering NYC

Just before we flew to the States, my mother had a long overdue housewarming party with a champagne toast in her new apartment and then dinner in an American restaurant in Neerpelt. It was a great evening, but after that party Yasu was full for two days on ribs and fries! But that still did not stop him from pursuing his newfound love for (heaps of) fries in the days after that, how he stays so skinny, I have no idea!

Yasu with his ribs and fries

Then at the end of the third week, Yasu left :(. His sister Yuka and Yasu were going on a two-week Eurotrip by train. I was supposed to join, but my bank account could only survive one expensive trip and of course for me NYC had priority over Europe! Yuka flew over from Japan and Yasu took a train from the Netherlands, and they met up in Heidelberg, Germany. They traveled through Germany, Switzerland, Italy and Austria, and they absolutely hated rude and dirty Italy and they absolutely loved beautiful Switzerland…

Yuka & Yasu in Interlaken, Switzerland

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