The Big Apple

At the end of the semester this month, Jungwon and I wanted to make one more big trip, and this time we choose the almighty New York City! I had been looking forward to seeing that city for many years and the desire became even greater after having landed in New York before the semester started. It was just a stopover, but it was my very first time in The States and in that city and I was quite dissapointed that I did not get to explore it in January. I unsuccesfully tried to convince Jungwon to go to New York City for our springbreak, but we compromised on California for springbreak and New York at a later date. And she kept her promise :).

A day after our last exams, we got on a plane to capital of the world, and we slept straight through the flight… We had been studying so much and sleeping so little during exam week, and out tiredness was catching up with us. I even slept through most of a Broadway show, just because I was still so tired and those damn seats were so comfortable! Luckily, we bought our tickets halfprice at the TKTS booth on Times Square, and Jungwon did manage to see the whole musical, and she loved it!

We were still recovering from our lack of sleep during the semester and had a very hard time waking up in the mornings, so the last night we decided to deprive oursleves of even more sleep, just to make sure we would be up early enough to do a little extra sightseeing and relaxing in Central Park before returning to Atlanta… Even though we were tired, we enjoyed ourselves enormously and the city was all and more than I had expected! It was the perfect way to end my time in The States!

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