Saying goodbye to Yasu and Atlanta

After the graduation ceremony yesterday, Yasu and I went to CVS to get loads of Red Bull, as it was our last tonight together and we didn’t want to waste it by sleeping our time away. But of course, we fell asleep eventually and woke to a sad day, our last day together. Even though we’ve been dating for such a short time and my knowing it can’t possibly go anywhere because he lives in Japan and I live in Europe, I was still very sad about saying goodbye to him today. Jungwon, Yasu and I all moved out of SPICE House today, even though Jungwon is coming back for next semester. We all went to the airport together, but we were late and had to hurry so much that Yasu and I only had a few minutes to say goodbye at the airport before he took off for Chicago. I’m going to miss that sweet Japanese guy.
Jungwon and I aren’t leaving the States yet, we’re both flying to Amsterdam tomorrow on separate flights, because she’s going to vacation in Europe with me for 2 weeks. So after seeing Yasu off, we took an airport shuttle to our hotel near the airport to dump our luggage. This Days Inn wasn’t as nice as the one we stayed at in Los Angeles, but it was good enough, and they’ll take us back to the airport for free tomorrow, so that works out nicely.
My last day in Atlanta, I wanted to do a little more sightseeing and we decided on the CNN tour, which we didn’t have time for when my mom was here in February. We saw a lot of TV equipment, cameras and more, but the tour wasn’t all that fascinating, so I wouldn’t really recommend it to anyone, not even to a CNN lover, like Yasu. Still, I’m sure he’ll visit it when he gets back to Atlanta before he goes back to Japan.
After that we took a another MARTA train all the way back to Lenox station to see Laws of Attraction at Phipps Plaza’s AMC, I’m sure there are many more movie theaters in Atlanta we could have gone too, but still we decided to go there. And we ended our evening with an all-American steak dinner at Houston’s on Lenox, almost next to Ruby Tuesday’s, where Yasu and I dined just two nights ago.
Way too soon it was time to accept that my last full day in the States was coming to an end, and we went back to our hotel. Time to sleep my last night on this side of the ocean away.

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