Baseball date

In two days, I have to say goodbye to Yasu because he’s leaving for Chicago then and the day after that I go back home…With so little time left, we’ve got to date big now, so today was one big date. We took a bus and a train downtown, where we got on a shuttle bus to Turner Field, to see the Atlanta Braves play baseball against the Houston Astros. The pre-game ‘fun’ already started on this shuttle bus with a little chorus singing: “Take me out to the ball game, take me out with the crowd, etc”. Apparently, this is the song to sing when going to a baseball game. Once we got to Turner Field, we treated ourselves to some expensive seats and enjoyed the entertainment outside, around and inside the stadium. There were huge baseballs decorated with all kinds of different art, raffles, mini coopers disguised as airplanes, cages where you could throw a baseball and measure your throw’s speed, and of course loads of concession stands with oversized snacks and drinks.
Our seats were pretty good (and pretty expensive too) as they weren’t far from the baseball diamond. I have no clue about the game of baseball, but Yasu makes up for all the baseball knowledge I lack. He used to be a very serious baseball player (apparently baseball is very popular in Japan too), training to become a professional until a back injury put an end to that. He still enjoys playing baseball (he was very good in the ball throwing cage) and watching baseball, and knows exactly what’s going on. He tried to teach me something about baseball, but quickly gave up when he noticed I didn’t really care about the rules, I was just there to do something really American and have fun with my new guy. And that’s exactly what I got! The whole experience felt super American to me and we had a lot of fun.
The only thing that wasn’t so great was the weather. Our expensive seats were bathing in the hot Atlanta sun, and soon after the game started it became too much for us. We headed up into the stadium towards the cheap seats all the way up in the shadows. There were many empty seats and the temperature was very comfortable. The game suddenly ended, I have no idea why, and sadly the Braves lost. After the game we saw Godsend, a scary movie in Phipps Plaza and had dinner at Ruby Tuesday’s on Lenox Road. We got back to Emory very late in the evening, so nobody saw us come home together (the only one in Spice House that knows about us is Jungwon). We had an absolutely awesome date/day, I have no idea why we didn’t start dating earlier in the semester?!

2 thoughts on “Baseball date

  1. Yes Emory time is the time of my life too. Life-changing, indeed. Time flies, 3 years has passed already. You are now much more beautiful than you were then and our love is warmer now than then. Kisses


  2. What a nice story! A wonderful story, with lots of happy pictures!
    Lou, your blog looks nicier everytime I check it! Yasu, I am jealous of you;), to have Louana with you so soon! But then again, you have probably been so jealous with us these last years, so we’re even ;)!


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