The day after

Of course nobody knows, not even Jungwon, that Yasu and I kissed each other yesterday… a lot. When I woke up today I got really nervous about seeing him again. I don’t know why I get so shy, it must be insecurity, but I would have preferred not to see him today. But I kind of had to, because tonight was Yasu’s big going away party arranged by the university. Yasu did a lot of volunteer work and he made a lot of friends in the meantime, and he turned out to be quite popular at the international student office, hence the farewell party in his honor. Jungwon and I had already agreed to go to the party, so I had to go there, besides I had already paid for it, and how was I going to explain my absence, no that was more embarrassing so I went. But I made Jungwon leave the house with me before Yasu did, even though we were supposed to walk to the meeting point together. Once we got to the parking next to the DUC, I totally ignored him and even tried to hide behind some tree, haha! Then we all got into different cars and we were driven to a Japanese restaurant somewhere in Atlanta.
Even though I wanted to be close to Yasu, because I really like him, I made sure to sit as far away as possible from him, because I didn’t need to remind him of the big mistake he made last night by kissing me. I checked him out the whole evening but never made eye contact with him and when Yasu took a group picture I hid behind Jungwon, yeah sometimes I do strange things. They passed around a scrapbook so we could write Yasu farewell messages, and I had no idea what to write, I think I ended up writing something really silly.
After dinner we said no to going out to some club or café, because we were in the middle of finals, but me mostly because I was still trying to avoid Yasu. I got home and went to the dining room to study and maybe to run into Yasu. Who wasn’t due back for a couple of hours, so if I got nervous about it I could still escape before he showed up. But I hadn’t even opened my book yet and there he was, he startled me with his sudden appearance, and I didn’t know what to say, but that was ok because the first thing he did was kiss me! He didn’t think kissing me was a mistake at all, so he came back for more, and I was happy to oblige.

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