Kissing a Japanese guy

Remember that rather peculiar guy from Japan that lives on the first floor of SPICE House, that I’ve mentioned a few times? The guy that my mom got to meet when she was here in February? Well, these days I refer to him as Yasu, that cute Japanese guy that lives downstairs. A couple of weeks ago, I had to do a marketing project which meant observing customer behavior at the local Starbucks, which is where Yasu spends a couple of hours studying everyday. When I got there I sat down at his table and what should have a quick project turned out to be a long and enjoyable conversation with that Japanese guy, who wasn’t so weird after all.
Ever since that day we’ve been hanging out a lot around campus, sometimes we have lunch together at Cox Hall, sometimes we have dinner at Dooley’s and sometimes we have coffee at Starbucks. The air-conditioning in our room on the third floor doesn’t work, and we live in the hot Atlanta area so it’s very warm in there, so I usually study (and often do my laundry at the same time) in the dining room on the first floor where it’s nice and cool. Yasu lives on the first floor so we often hang out together, sometimes he plays the guitar, sometimes I help him with his homework, sometimes we talk on MSN, sometimes we watch some TV, sometimes we tease each other, sometimes we hold hands, and sometimes I think I really like this guy…
We’re in the middle of finals, so the university organizes study breaks with free food for us, but today’s study break at SPICE House was cancelled, so Yasu asked me to join him for dinner at Park Bench. I wasn’t hungry, but thankfully smart enough to say yes, because I wanted to be alone with him, as much as possible. We sat in a booth in the back and it was dark, it was the perfect atmosphere. We played with the straw papers and ended up holding hands over the table. It rained when we went home and he held me very close when we were waiting for the D shuttle. I really thought he might kiss me then, but he didn’t… At home, we sat at your desk looking at your computer screen at some crazy Japanese show, but we weren’t really  paying attention to it. There was a lot of tension in the air and suddenly he came closer and leaned his forehead against mine, he was really cute and then… he finally kissed me! And we kept it up for several hours, 6 to be exact…

One thought on “Kissing a Japanese guy

  1. AWWWWWWW, FIRST KISS!! I remember me and my boyfriend did the same thing – watch crazy Japanese shows without actually paying attention to it… 'cept my boyfriend lacked Yasu's initiative. It took my boyfriend a few more weeks of considerable persuasion.


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