Sightseeing and saying goodbye

This morning and early afternoon we spent sightseeing around downtown Atlanta, mostly the CNN center, the Underground and of course Coca Cola World. We’d already did some shopping in the Atlanta Underground last night, so now we wanted to do some sightseeing. We didn’t have time to take both tours at CNN and Coca Cola and my mom decided she preferred Coca Cola over CNN, so we entered Coca Cola World, which was smaller than expected. They had loads of old promotional materials and old packaging which was interesting to see.
There was more to do than look at old stuff and buying souvenirs: like posing behind faceless wooden cutouts, shooting coke and tasting Coca Cola brand beverages from all over the world. Most of them were good, I think my favorite was a lychee-flavored drink from some Asian country, but there were also a few terribly disgusting drinks.
Normally Atlanta is Hotlanta, but today was another story altogether. It rained, and rained… and rained some more. On our walk from CNN to Coca Cola World, we got so soaked our underwear was literally wet too! At one point we just discarded our useless umbrellas because we just couldn’t get more wet then we already were. We decided to take a rest and dry up some in Johnny Rocket’s in the Atlanta Underground, where my mother consumed her last real American meal, a unimaginably huge burger and a cherry coke. She loved it.
Saying goodbye (way too early after just 2 days) was painful, we actually spent the evening at the gym (for the first time) instead of studying in our room, because we were too sad to concentrate. But having had my mom here even for just this short amount of time was the most surprising, surreal and wonderful experience ever. Now, my homesickness is finally cured and I can start to really enjoy life in the States. Thanks, Moem for coming all the way here, I had an awesome weekend! She didn’t get to see much here in this short amount of time, but someday I’m going to make it up to her and show her the States properly.
Moem in Atlanta

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